What happens if my clients quit

I have worked really hard and I’m grateful to have 8 clients. 5 are private and 3 are in my membership
It’s monthly similar to SCS
Every month I get this anxious feeling that they aren’t going to renew
I need help managing my thought

Unintentional model:

C – I have 5 private clients and 3 membership clients
T- I am worried they will quit and my income will plummet
F- anxious
A – buffer with SCS, buffer with food, cry
R- so far they are continuing to renew

Intentional Model
C -same
T – I would like to think that I got 8 clients before I can get 8 more and beyond but this isn’t working (need bridge thought or help here)
F- courageous(feeling would like to have)
A- FB lives, continue to grow email list, weekly podcast, make offers, continue networking both offline and online, speaking engagements, pop up sessions, brainstorm other ways to get clients
R – continue getting clients

thanks in advance!