What if I’m wrong? What if I’m right?!

I am stalling out and slowing my own momentum around my business because I am afraid of claiming the next level. I had a lot of energy for it in my mind, and the first iteration of it has been pretty amazing – though even as I write this, I can see where an actual kink in my process is. My vision for my group program was that I would absolutely be able to take everyone, in 12 weeks, to a place where they reached their goals, and a common one for each of them was that I wanted them to make AT LEAST their investment back before the program began. With two of them I was able to help them get there just via our consult/sales call before the program began. But I have two in the program (of 18 – though not all of them care about that money goal – some are great around money and are focusing on other things per their choice) who REALLY want to make their investment back, have really big blocks around their ability to make money as entrepreneurs and/or artists, and I can see that their blocks are their thoughts, very specific ones that we’ve pinpointed, and they can see it too. And I can also see that they aren’t making offers that anyone would actually really want – they are still just throwing spaghetti at the wall and I can see that it’s because they really are not believing they have something valuable to offer – they are too scared to stake that strong of a claim.

And now, because I can’t help them get past this yet (3 weeks of the program left), I totally am thinking their thoughts – I am doubting my abilities as a coach and I am doubting what my vision was for my program and what it could do for people. And I can see that I’m making myself smaller already, pulling energy back, and therefore, not selling and I am not giving the kind of amazing energy and belief I need to give to make my vision happen.

Brooke, you are holding a space for a lot of people working on a lot of things and big dreams. And one thing, among many, that you are extraordinary at is that you convey a tremendously powerful energy of belief. I think right now I am feeling terrible because I am not believing in them – and then that pattern of not believing is traveling over to my own work. I’m trying to find the right thought in the moment to get back to believing in them and believing in me – maybe I don’t need a thought, maybe it is just a decision to keep practicing belief, no matter the current evidence, to keep focusing believing and knowing that that is how the evidence is created.

Am I missing something or is this the right track? I’m seeing already why stepping into this next bigger vision is both exciting and very uncomfortable – I can feel already how my container for believing – which I thought was so big – needs to EXPAND and get a lot stronger.

Thank you! XOXO!