what is it about?

In one of this month’s coaching calls Brooke spoke to a woman about her break-up with a man, and how this woman needed to do work to learn how to really love herself. To work on herself for her own benefit, not for the benefit of the guy she had been seeing. Brooke gave the example of food and wine, since this woman is also working on weight loss. Brooke said “its like when you think about food and wine. It’s never really about the actual food and wine.” What did she mean by this?

I am working on not overeating and overdrinking, and find myself thinking about food and wine a lot. It is usually with the thought that both things taste so good and feel good while being consumed. I worked for many years as a professional chef and have always found a lot of pleasure in food. If it is not about the actual food and wine, and how good they taste, what is it really about?