what now?

C: living together with my bf
T: he is not fully in love with me anymore
F: heartbroken
A: wanting to ask him if he feels that way, doing things from a place of fear& insecurity, imagining how he is not feeling in love, imagine how he is gonna break up anytime.
R: me making a problem or make a problem worse

So my goal is to still love on my bf but from a place of abundance and excitement and not being driven by the thought that causes me this.

Because I know acting needy and insecure isn’t me and I don’t like that version and I also know I can’t control him.

But I can’t stand this not knowing and always imagine that he is not fully in love and how he will break up anytime. And how heartbroken I will be.

Can you help me to get to the point of not being scared to do something wrong?

But just to love him and not think about that thought.

Or how should I deal with this?