What Self-Coaching Look Like?

I am a scholar for two months now and just completed two weeks ago watching the entire Stop Overeating Course, prepared myself a protocol, focus and error thoughts, and while I have a dedicated time in the afternoon to do the monthly workbook, I don’t find it relevant necessarily for my urges work every morning as I try to deal with urges and cravings.

Where I’m at currently is that I commit to starting the protocol tomorrow every single day, and I end up giving in to desire thoughts every morning.
After I reward my desire, I do lots of thought work and have by now a hefty notebook with impressive thought downloads, models, and complete understanding of what happened. I am trying to see how I can use all these great thoughts and models in the moment of the urge in the morning, rather than after.
This morning, for example, I noticed an urge to go and eat in a cafe (while I planned to fast until 1pm) and I opened my notebook and started reading, but before me were some hundred pages and it seemed overwhelming to now go through them, in trying to find what will cause me to remind my brain NOT to follow the urge, so my brain told me it’s a lot of work and I gave up.

I wonder what self-coaching in those moments should look like? What will be most useful to me to have prepared as reminders for what to tell my brain to think? Is it just a list of focus thoughts?