“What the Health”

Hello my friend,

I thought I had submitted this question in September but I didn’t see a response. I did look through the archive (p.s. Holy cow how do you answer all those questions every month?!) and didn’t see it. So I sincerely apologize if this is a second submission and I just missed your response.

Anyway, I watched the first five minutes of the documentary on Netflix called “What the Health” based on a suggestion from a friend. I had to turn it off because it completely contradicted everything you’ve taught me. E.g. Sugar isn’t that bad, meat will kill you, and basically I’m about to die because of the way you’ve taught me to eat. I turned it off because I feel great eating the way you taught, have lost weight, become fat adapted, etc. however, I am really curious if you had any comments on it. It is so frustrating because I feel this is so typical of the health industry… one minute something is the healthiest thing in the world and the next minute “Hey you’re gonna die.” I trust you and the research you do, of course, but the research was compelling. Granted I watched five minutes so I may have missed a key piece of info, but it was terrifying and I just couldn’t finish it. Have you watched it? Can you please tell me what you think?