What to do regarding my boss??

I am a 37 year oncology RN veteran and am currently working for a large HMO. I really don’t like the business practices of the organization as it relates to patients. So I have been applying and interviewing and I am also scheduled to begin The Life Coach certification program November 1st :-).

I had previously asked my boss to decrease my hours to 4 nine-hour days instead of 5 eight-hour days.

Well, now that I have some really good bites and feel that I will get offered a great job with a work from home 2 days/week option, my current boss comes to me and says she is in process of getting it approved. She has asked me about it twice today so I kind of feel like she is asking it to see if I am planning on leaving.

I know this falls smack into people-pleasing. What do I do??