What went wrong here?

I was recently doing a practice coaching call with someone as part of CCP. We went through the unintentional model, C: He said “I’m the one leading this meeting,” and her T was “I’m the one leading this work,” and her feeling was “undervalued.” When we built an intentional model, we arrived at F of “committed” and her T was “I am the leader of this work.” The A and R were different between the two models, and I am not sure what happened here. My guess is that I have a mixed model in the unintentional model, and that the T wasn’t quite right, but I got stuck. I didn’t know how to proceed, because I felt I had made a fundamental error somewhere. We did talk about the F leading to the A, and having intentional Ts can influence the F, but I am hoping someone can offer some insight into my error, and/or suggestions for what to do when we have made a mistake somewhere in our model and realize it part way through. Thanks!