What’s the difference between action and result?

Doing the October homework week 3 on listing positive/negative actions in my life, I realized that maybe sometimes I’m confusing actions with results. For example, under positive actions I took throughout my life, I’d list: I ran a marathon; I got married. Is “I ran a marathon”/”I got married” an action or a result? Or can they be listed in either A or R line, depending on the model. Or should I have listed “I trained for a marathon”/”I went on a date with this particular guy” as actions?

Model 1:
C Marathon
T I trust my body
F Capable
A Ran a marathon
R Feeling proud

Model 2
C Marathon
T I believe the training program will get me there
F Trust in the training program
A Follow training
R Ran a marathon

Are both of these models valid? Can ‘ran a marathon’ be both an action or a result, depending on the model?