When the R doesn’t pan out.

I have been teaching my teenage daughter the model. It has done wonders for her, same as it has for me. But an interesting situation came up this week that I’m unsure how to address.

I taught her about working the model backwards to reach her goals. So here is her backwards model:
R: play on the national team
A: practice at 100%, be fully present at practices, get extra coaching, ask questions, watch instructional videos, tell them I want to be on the team
F: Confident
T: I am the right player for this team
C: National team

But she didn’t make the national team. I know that now she can put the R of “not on the national team” into the C line. But now her belief in her thought is shaken and she doesn’t believe the model works either. I’m not sure where to go with it either.

So what do we do when the R is inside our influence but outside our control? How do we reconcile that in the model when it doesn’t come to fruition??