When to start working The Model? and Joy eating Q

Hi –

So I just finished the Stop Overeating Workshop. So amazing, but I have 2 questions:

1) At what point to do we change from allowing, noticing and observing our thoughts to working The Model and changing them. I totally get the idea that we can’t resist the thoughts and urges, but I am really anxious to change them too.

2) Do we absolutely have to have a Joy Eat? In all honestly this is the one thing that makes me most nervous about the whole program. I have been in programs with something similar and these Joy Eats tend to lead to complacency. My mind says “Oh I had ice cream last night and I didn’t gain any weight, so I’ll have more ice cream tonight.” I really like the idea of thinking that sugar and flour are poison. Do you think with good thought management/work I can work with “sugar and flour are poison” or do you think I am destined to fail and binge?

Thank you!!