Where Dares take you

It has been quite the month. Someday I am going to look back and see that this was the month that changed everything. I just don’t know how yet. I was daring and asked a prospect for what I was worth. Then I stuck to my guns and did not people please (amazing how tuned in the watcher is when I turn off people pleasing). The prospect pretty much flipped out and turned the who project on its head and started asking me to pay him! Nope with a side of nopesauce as my kids say.
I also had a client contract come to an end. Longest and most profitable contract. Because he asked for coaching and I gave it to him. And he made the right decision for him. But ouch.
I also started Stop overeating because dealing with my body seemed like the bravest thing I could do.
And I signed up for coaching school for August right when I know the least about really where the money is coming from but have the best, most workable plan for creating amazing value in the world.
It has all been a wee bit fast, but the pace is what it is. I suppose I might as well pile as much as I can into the river of misery. Gonna be miserable anyway. I am looking forward to onky being 50% miserable though. Going to bed AND waking up to doom is getting a little old. But, I have made a sign that says “have a cuppa and stay awhile anxiety, cause your gonna do it anyway”.