Where to start?

Hi Brooke,
I started SCS last month, and wrote you one question at that time…mostly about how to get over my big fat ego so that I can actually take some steps toward abundance in life. Just writing out my questions actually helped me a ton, and seeing how resistant I can be. Watching you break it down into the model helped motivate me to actually write out some models myself.
Even though it’s been a month, I’m asking now about where to start. I’m mainly focused on my career, getting unstuck, and re-creating my relationship with money. I also have a history of overeating and overdrinking (was AA sober for 5 years, went back to drinking for 6 months or so, now sober/dry again almost a year). I’ve carved out time in the mornings for personal self development, including a yoga class, and SCS, and/or a Miracle Morning routine. So, with SCS, where do I begin? The monthly assignments based on the theme of the month? The bonus extras because they speak to what I’m interested in also? My reason for trying SCS was to get support around focus in my career, and now I feel like I need support getting focus within SCS!! Talk about a parallel process. I feel like I need to “do it right,” but for most of May I skipped all over the place and really didn’t even do much regarding relationships, just started to get acquainted with the model and a little bit of the money program. Thank you for all you’re doing!!