Which topic to explore first from the vault.

I joined scholars to work on my relationship as my primary reason for joining.

As I delved into that program I realized I am not ready to “go all in” or to try living separately.

I realize there are other choices but right now I have made a commitment to help take care of my sister after her surgery and do not feel it is the right time to make any major changes.

I did work on our relationship enough to know I could be happy with either decision ( stay or leave) and I’m not where I want to be with it as well.

I would like to explore other topics until I am ready to get back to evolving in my relationship and make the decision.

I do hate being indecisive but I’m trying to do something to move forward without getting so down on myself for postponing and indecision.

Maybe I’m buffering with coaching?? Is there a suggested order to approaching the topics?