Why do I ignore my family

For some reason I dont have any desire to connect with my famy. I dont call my grandparents anymore like I once used to, I get friend requests from cousins that id rather not be in touch with, I dont make the effort to reach back out to cousins, and I even delay on reaponding to my moms messages and texts. I guess I could be making this all mean something I dont have to, but I cant shake this feeling that im just bothered or displeased with them (but nothing has happened) and dont know why I dont desire a relationship with them. Am I scared of getting close and being hurt? Am I resentful because I moved away? I dont think so though… I dont have any ill feeling and do love them I just tend to be reminded of them and immediately be put off from reaching out, and then uninterested in making the effory ro reach out. Hmmm… Theyre not calling me either and im okay with that lol