Why others cannot reject you and other aha moments

my opinion/thought

1- people cannot reject each other- they can only reject the circumstance as interpreted through their own thoughts
we are circumstances for each other that only take on meaning through their thoughts

identity and worthiness
2- we have no absolute identity, we are human beings with unique attributes and life force in our cellular system. we have no inherent worthiness or lack of worthiness. we have great opportunity to live our lives fully

why our thinking is messed up
3- our thoughts and thinking got skewed/trapped through early childhood programming – social conditionaing, conditional love from caregivers, absorbing caregivers words/attitudes- when our brains had no developed sufficiently to use language and analysis correctly

best we can do at the time
mistakes and failure
4- all results become our new cicrumstance and therefore we always have the power to create better results by creating better thoughts and managing our emotions. we always start where we are and we an always get better. we had no choice to create the previous result because we always do the best we can with the resources we have at the time