When will I know my body is fat adapted?

Hi Brooke,

I am just wondering when will I know my body is eating its own fat?

On Monday, 4/10, I started a protocol of no flour and no sugar. Then on Monday, 4/17, once I was through the sugar/flour withdrawals, I updated my protocol to only eating 2 meals between noon and 8pm. I feel great! I have lost 3.4 pounds, and still have about 80 more to go.

The weight loss feels slow and I am starting to get a little impatient. I just keep telling myself that following this protocol is helping me reach my weight loss and overall health goals. I do believe that. I am just trying to be aware of what my body is doing, so I can make adjustments if needed. So, I guess that is real question, how long do I wait to make any changes to my protocol?

Also, I am wondering if the way I am tracking my weight loss is messing with my brain. I write it on the bathroom mirror – Goal Weight, Current Weight, and Pounds to Goal. I thought this would help me focus on the end goal and not get so lost in the day to day, but changing the numbers on the mirror everyday, seeing it go up a little, then down a little, up a little, and back down a little, is starting to drive me a little crazy. But I know I need this to help me stay accountable to myself.

So, any guidance would be much appreciated!