Woman said words in comment

C: Woman says my comment is gaslighting
T: I’m right and she’s wrong (and also, she’s a bitch)
F: Righteous
A: Reply back to her comment in a way that I think makes me sound “better” than her, point out that my comment wasn’t a criticism (true, but also makes her look stupid for being defensive), I message her privately to clarify what I mean, and see if she wants to talk about it, I go through her instagram and pick apart her stuff, I like a few things so she doesn’t get mad at me, I criticize her appearance, I relish in the fact that she doesn’t get many likes/follows
R: My brain keeps looking for evidence that I’m right (creating more righteousness).

I ask myself, “what do I make her comment mean?”

I tell myself that ‘people aren’t going to like me’ when I start posting my own content. Or that people might criticize me, or say I shouldn’t be a coach or therapist, or maybe I will lose my license. I’m afraid that society is going to make me a villain.

What I DO know is that these above things are possible, AND I get to decide how I think about them. But, I think that I still have a lot of fear around those things happening. Rather, I have THOUGHTS that are creating fear around those circumstances.

Any help is appreciated.