Hi Brooke, I’m working through a model for my part time job. It was Mother’s Day and I didn’t know I was supposed to work as they called me that afternoon to let me know I was on the schedule. I typically just work on Tuesdays as the manager knows I can’t work on weekends. It was my bad not to check the schedule closer. I did not go in because we were in the middle of celebrating with my mom. I’m having thoughts about it and I’m getting anxious as Tuesday is coming when I’m going into work. I know I can tell myself better thoughts but I’m not sure how to handle this. This is my thought about it:

C: I didn’t show up for my shift.
T: I’m a terrible person for not showing up.
F: Terrible
A: Feel like I’m not worthy to explain myself, get defensive and blame it on them, still feel terrible
R: Feel like I’m a terrible person

I’m not sure what my intentional model should look like…
C: I did not show up for my shift.
T: Take responsiblity for not coming in, aplogize and check the schedule closer next time?
F: Calm

I get nervous about what they are going to say and how I lost some of my integrity. I would greatly appreciate any guidance! Thank you!