Working backwards from the R line to live my purpose

Hello, I am DOING the work this month!!
I’ve been working on thought models around building a blogging system. I came up with a thought model thanks to my coaching session to create a system. I have drawn out a system on paper and called it “Blog my Way”. Now I would like to practice it for the next month’s worth of 4 blog posts on 1 topic.

here’s my go at working back from the R line.
Intentional model # 1
C Blog system
T Practicing the Blog my Way blog system for the September topic has really helped me know how to refine this and build a better system. (I was going for one of those “from the future thoughts”)
F Deep joy (??? sometimes my feelings surprise me, but this is the words that came to mind).
A 1. schedule each step in calendar. 2. do each step. 3. reflect on the process. 4. decide how to improve this.
R Practiced this for procurement staffing topic for September and know how to refine this.

This model looks okay to me. Improving tips always welcome. But I’m not going to ask you “is it okay?” because I’m not giving into the confusion of thinking it isn’t.

I also had another thought that I wanted to put in the T line, but realized it is a different model because it would be a different result.
Intentional model # 2
C blog system
T Building a blog system to Blog my Way is LIVING MY PURPOSE.
F Inner satisfaction
A – weirdly, I don’t have an action here. Because I already feel satisfied. but then I don’t take the action, and I don’t. Perhaps I’m not identifying the feeling correctly?
R I have lived my purpose. >>> but I haven’t because I have not action.

The intentional model # 2 seems a bit messed up. Can you help clean it up please? Thanks Coaches, you are amazing!