Working Hard = Getting Sick

I received coaching on this issue on a call earlier this week but still have a complete mind block around it. I have a lot of evidence that when I work hard I end up getting sick. I used to have a corporate career, but was sick very often during that tenure. I was salaried and worked a lot of hours. While I advanced in my career, I essentially had no life outside of work. About 12 years ago, I made some significant lifestyle changes including a career change. My current job as a blackjack dealer is stress-free and I work less than 40 hours per week. So for the past decade, I get plenty of sleep; I eat well (mostly food I prepare myself); I exercise regularly; and I have an amazing morning practice which includes Thought Downloads (although I didn’t call them that until I joined Scholars), a gratitude practice, and time with my planner to schedule my day. I have not been sick and called off work for over a decade now. The downside to this lifestyle is that I am an underearner and have not achieved many personal goals during that time. As I am doing the Scholars work, I want to add more things/tasks into my schedule to accomplish some personal goals and create income streams outside of my job as a blackjack dealer. Recently I attempted to do this and got sick. This brought up memories of all the times I was sick while working a stressful corporate job. The coach told me this is just a belief I have in my brain and I can decide to change that belief. She suggested I do work on what I did and did not do when I got sick. In this case, I slept more and let go of doing things such as dishes, laundry, and cleaning. I let those things pile up until I was feeling better. I continued to go to work (although I feel I was not able to give 100%), I continued to exercise (but not at my normal capacity). I also gave up my morning practice in lieu of extra sleep. I left the coaching call completely baffled and am unable to see how this work of how I handled being sick is suppose to help my thoughts and feelings about getting sick. My desire is to be strong and healthy AND achieve my goals. Now that I am feeling better, I want to get back at it but fear will get sick again.