Working with kids at home

Hi Brooke!

First, I’ll say that of the three months I’ve been a member, this one is my FAVORITE so far. I don’t know what it is about the workbook homework, but it is just super helping me to go deep. I’ve long gotten cranky at myself for having what I call “Guru Syndrome” – where I don’t think I can excavate myself without the help of a guru. Not to deride guidance, we all need it, but I’m finding that this month’s homework is really living up to the “self-coaching” name, and I’m optimistic that I’m making some progress.

My husband is gone with work most of the time right now, and I work from home as a journalist. When my kids are home sick or on school holidays, I’m in agony. I need to work, I want to work, but I feel like crap that they’re off entertaining themselves with screens, and I’m locked up in my office writing. I feel like the worst mom! It adds major drag to my productivity when I’m writing. Write a sentence, question my life choices, write a sentence, question my life choices, etc.

I think some of this could be alleviated by working the thought “I shouldn’t leave my children to their screens” or something like that. But part of me is also just wondering if this is a flaw of scheduling? Is there a way logistically to make this set-up easier for my brain to be happy, or is it all thought work?