Working on doing models wondering if I am doing it correctly. I know this work is important and I really want to do it correctly and get it.

Working on doing the model and struggling to know if I am doing it right. I don’t want to put anything that I feel is untrue, in order to be more positive. I have a family member who has lies, manipulates, won’t apologize, very narcissitic. She can also be very charming and sweet, which is another way she manipulates, because this can turn on a dime if she doesn’t get her way. I feel I have to always be on guard to keep myself safe. Never really know who the “REAL” her is. When you try to confront she shuts down, projects and cut you off for months at a time. I can forgive her but I struggle trying to like her. I feel the model can help so I wanted to share and get your input.
C-Family member
T-She has lied to me many times, manipulates to get her way,wont admit or apologize and take responsibity,cuts you off if confronted
F-I can forgive her bad behavior but I can’t make myself like her
A-I don’t want to be around her, guarded when I am.
R-Don’t enjoy time with her, this is hurtful to my husband because he can tell and he wants it to be different.

Trying to change thoughts while be true to facts and reality
C- Family member
T-This person is broken in some way or she wouldn’t treat others the way she does. I know she lies, is manipulative and is mean at times and could cut me off, but I can love her anyway. I can focus on what is good even if I am not sure if she is being nice to manipulate.
F- Feeling more compassion while staying in the truth
A- Can enjoy being around her more. Can commit to confronting bad behavior if I feel it is importatnt reguardless of what she does
R-More peace, I want to be a good example to my husband and I like making him happy

If you could let me know if I am on the right track or offer any of your wisdom it will be very much appreciated. This is my first month in SCS and I love it so far. I feel like I am growing and learning everyday! Thank you for all the work you do to offer this to others.
I would like this to be kept annoymous.