working the model around thoughts about my son

My son is in a wonderful school, in the 8th grade, and his teachers are always available during lunch to help with homework and assignments due in the future. My son prefers to hang out with his friends at lunch and doesn’t seek out help from his teachers. He occasionally is at home, doing his work at the 11th hour and gets stressed out and often can’t complete his work. My intentional model started with the F line, because I want to feel loving towards him no matter what. I’m still not sure this is where I should go with this, as his mom, to help him be the best he can be. I have suggested he go see the teachers in the subjects that give him trouble, and he really wants to be left alone, by me. Would love your help in cleaning up my model and offering any advice. thank you!

Intentional model:
C-My son needs help from his teachers
T-He gets to make his own choices and see if they are working for him
A-suggest that he plan ahead and seek out help, but tell him he gets to make his own choices and then get his own resuts from those choices.
R – love him as he learns from his choices.