Worried about B- work in a bakery

Hello coaches! I’m opening a bakery that’s gluten-free and dairy-free, and my treats are meant for kids and they have something extra in them, like chocolate donuts with spinach, or banana muffins with cauliflower. I tested a lot of recipes that my kids and other kids eat up. So I’m pretty sure I have B- products, but I just tried a “final recipe” cookie today and was not impressed. I thought “I’m not impressed and people won’t pay $3.50 for this.”

C A cookie
T This doesn’t taste good enough and people won’t pay $3.50 for this.
F Doubt
A I keep testing the recipe and don’t launch the bakery by September 30th.
R People don’t pay $3.50 for anything because I haven’t opened up a bakery at all.

C A cookie
T It’s possible that people would pay $3.50 for this

This is where I get stuck because I just don’t believe it’s possible that people would pay $3.50 AND return as a customer. I think that I have 1 chance to make a good impression as a baker, and I don’t want to mess it up with this B- cookie. I think a failed cookie is a failed bakery. And if I ask my future self about what I learned from a failed bakery, I come up with “you learned to make better cookies” — so shouldn’t I just keep testing the cookie recipe? Can you help me get past this and when to decide to stop testing and just go with what I have? Thank you!!