Writer Entrepreneur

Hi Brooke,

I joined two weeks ago and am very grateful for being here.

I quit a corporate job a year ago and decided to become a writer.
I have some money to live off of and basically the entire day in front of me (no kids) to craft my days.

At the end of this past year I have no book to show for. I kept trying to write from the library, cafes, home, and even rented an office that didn’t work. What I now know that didn’t work is, I freaked myself out with what I’ve done, and suddenly the act of writing is the most terrifying thing I am avoiding all day long.
My buffer: Consumption of self-help and books about how to become a writer.

After being employed all my life, it took me a while to realize that now I am the employer and the employee.

After watching the How To Be An Entrepreneur videos, I mostly resonated with the videos titled Brain Management, and Entrepreneur vs. Technician.
Most of the other videos, I feel, refer to those who already have some product or service to offer, while I haven’t created mine yet.

Do you think the entrepreneur series apply for a writer who doesn’t have a product yet? Shall I keep reading all these books? Not sure what to do next.