Yesterday was my first day to test intermittent fast.

I have been off sugar, flour and dairy since end of February. I am doing pretty good with it. I decided to start intermittent fasting. My goal weight is 135. I am 5-5 and currently weigh 179. I have a couple of questions.

Yesterday was my first day and I thought to try a 4 hour window. I ate at 2:00 and 6:00, I actually was not hungry at 6:00. Today I did pretty good and felt hungry from time to time, but ended up eating at 3:30 because a meeting went long. So I figure I would eat at 7:30 tonight. But what if I am not hungry again in 4 hours? Do I wait until I am?

I am only on day 2 so not eating until after my lunch hour has not been such an issue. I met up with girlfriends for “lunch” and just talked, I said I was fasting, and no one questioned me as it is Holy Week.

I was also thinking to do the intermittent fast during the week and not fast during the weekend. Do you recommend or not? Is intermittent fast a way of life for you on you only do it when you are tightening up on your weight?

I do want to stick to the 4 hour window at this time, for at least 2 weeks as you suggested. I suppose I can vary the amount of food that I am eating. So far, I have not weighed my food, but do you suggest I start? I am also not snacking. I am actually very surprised by myself over these 2 days, sticking to my meals and not snacking.

One more question about joy eating – if I am not eating sugar, flour, and dairy, would any of those be considered a joy eat? I heard you distinguish a joy eat from a cheat meal, so I just want clarification. I get what you say about not wanting Chardonnay, I have not wanted pastries even when there is “free” food in the office. It’s a little surreal. I am kind of not understanding what is happening with me.

Thank you for all your wisdom. I am still struggling with anxiety and I notice it in my thought downloads. But I feel as though my consciousness is shifting to a watcher. I am certainly able to “write” a model in my head now. Wishing you a wonderful day, you have given so much light into this world!