I’ve been regularly going for yoga , 4-5 days a week for my back pain for 4 months now and I really enjoy it . It takes around 2 hours on my planner including the travel time. I’m in dissonance on the weekends as I would rather spend time with my husband and toddler vs exercise which benefits my health. I still go for the yoga without regret . I wonder if I’m buffering with yoga. But last weekend, I skipped it as I thought I should try skipping it and see how I feel. I enjoyed my time with family . Now, I’m again in dissonance as I want to spend more time with my daughter as I feel left out when I go to work vs spending time with daughter seems buffering to me as I could be exercising .

C yoga on weekends
T I want to go for yoga but I also want to skip it and spend time with my family
F confused
A sometimes go and sometimes stay , ??buffer with yoga , ??buffer with spending time with daughter
R don’t enjoy either activity full heartedly

T I decide what I want to do
F kind
A practice yoga at home so that I don’t miss either , allot time for yoga and play with daughter , can alternate between the 2 activities
R enjoy yoga and enjoy time with family