A manifesto is a statement that helps employees understand your company philosophy, your values, your vision, and your model. It emphasizes what matters in your organization. It is not an aspirational thing, where you communicate the perfect world of rainbows and daisies. It is the truth about what it’s actually like to work for you.

Now if you write what it’s actually like to work in your organization, and it’s not a place you want to work, this is a problem. This will happen to many of you. If this is you, the manifesto can become an exercise that can actually change as the organization changes. Don’t make this different than the reality. It needs to be the same thing.

When you create your manifesto, write only a paragraph or two at most. Do it by yourself as the visionary of the company. This is not a collective, collaborative discussion you have with your team. You decide based on your vision, your values, and your philosophy. This is why you must watch and apply the previous modules.

Once you create this manifesto, use it when you hire people. This is what you’re inviting employees to come and be a part of. So make sure you take the time right now and ask yourself, “Who would really love to work for your organization?” Tell them the truth of what it’s like to work for you, and then make sure you like the answer you have there.

We recommend you read through our manifesto to copy the exact format and just change the words to what resonates with you.