At The Life Coach School, we require all of our employees to follow our time management process, and it starts with the concept of focus time.

Focus time is two hours each day where you have absolutely no notifications. This means turning your phone on airplane mode and turning off all notifications from Slack, email, and any other app or program. This is time dedicated to producing a result. It’s not just working on something, it’s what you will produce as a result after those two hours.

At the beginning of the week our employees do what we call Monday Hour One. This is the first hour on Monday where they look at their week, write down everything they need to do, and schedule it all out, along with their focus time. They post publicly in Slack what they’re going to be doing during their focus time on each day of that week. And what they post needs to be the result they will create from those two hours.

If you look at our organization’s Slack channel, you will see everyone’s focus time. It is a wonderful way for everyone to see what each employee is focused on. It gives us all a sense of what’s going on in our organization. If there is ever a problem with an employee’s priorities, we can look to their Monday Hour One postings and direct them to where they should focus their time.

At the end of the week we do what we call Friday Hour Done. This is where we post our three main accomplishments for the week and three current open items we are focused on. This is a great place to congratulate employees and see what’s being produced across the organization.

Having these weekly posts allows us to see what’s going on with employee performance and whether they are getting things done and prioritizing correctly. We can also tell whether or not we can give an employee a new project. We can see whether they have way too much going on or whether there is room for other important tasks.

Overall, we highly recommend you require your employees to think about the work they’re going to do and the work that they’ve already done in order to have them be focused and conscious about the work they’re doing in your organization.

We believe this topic is so important that we created an entire other program on it. If you haven’t taken Monday Hour One, we highly recommend it. Click the image below if you are interested: