June 2024 | Last Best Year

Click here to download this month’s Workbook & Podcast Study Guide.

  • Self Confidence Call with Brooke (Part 2) - June 18th
  • Self Confidence Call with Brooke (Part 1) - June 3rd
  • Homework
  • Overview

Before you begin, save the Workbook/Podcast Study Guide file on your computer. You’ll upload it to the FedEx website in Step 3.

1. Go to

2. Select Business & Career Essentials>Copies

  • Print Color: Change to Black & White to make it more affordable
  • Sides: Change to Double Sided
  • Other selections can stay the same

3. Scroll down to Upload a File

  • Upload the Planner PDF from your computer

4. Once the PDF is uploaded and you see the thumbnail on your screen, change these selections
Under Product Print Properties

  • Paper: Standard White will be the most affordable (Brooke uses 28lb paper)

Under Binding and Finishing

  • Binding and Stapling: Coil

5. Then Click Add to Cart and Proceed to Checkout

  • You’ll be asked whether you want to have it delivered or pick it up