Alcoholism Is Not for Me

I don’t use words like recovery, alcoholism or powerlessness.

I don’t identify with people who call themselves alcoholics.

When I was trying to find a way to drink less because I started to feel awful when I drank, the only solution I found, didn’t resonate with me at all.

I didn’t want to quit drinking altogether.

I just wanted to drink less.

I just wanted to stop over-drinking.

I didn’t want to go to meetings or get a sponsor.

I didn’t want to do 12 steps.

I didn’t want to call myself an alcoholic.

I didn’t want to always be sober.

It was so frustrating.

Why couldn’t someone just tell me how to drink less?

My life wasn’t unmanageable.

In fact, my drinking wasn’t even a huge problem.

It was a small problem.

It was a problem like too many potato chips.

It was affecting me negatively, but not my family or my friends or my work.

I didn’t need rehab.

I didn’t need recovery.

I needed less chardonnay per night.

So I created the solution for myself.


I feel amazing.

Alcohol doesn’t affect me at all anymore.

I didn’t have to hit bottom or get on my knees.

I didn’t have to admit I was powerless because obviously, I’m not.

I’m not an alcoholic.

But I did figure out why it’s harder to drink less.

I figured out why it felt like I was drinking against my own will sometimes.

I figured out why I wanted a bottle of Chardonnay some nights and my friends only wanted one glass.

And it has NOTHING to do with the quality of my character or my morality.

It has nothing to do with my genes or a disease.

It has to do with my brain.

My prefrontal cortex and my automatic unconsciousness.

I learned how to manage that, and now I am free.

If you’re like me, I can help you.

If you think you are an alcoholic, you might need a medical doctor.

But if you just want to cut back and your life is still manageable, click here for my free video series.