How to Cut Back on Drinking

First, you have to understand the reason why you want to drink and overdrink in the first place.

It’s because you have taught yourself to desire alcohol. In fact, you’ve taught yourself to like it a bit too much.

You learned it and reinforced it enough times so that now it is an automatic desire that you don’t even recognize as a practiced neural pathway.

Second, you have to understand that everything you have learned and reinforced, you have to unlearn and extinguish.

You literally have to teach yourself to desire it less.

If you desire it less, you won’t have to work against yourself using willpower or force; you will simply use the conditioning and repeating patterns to teach yourself to drink less.

You taught yourself by following these steps:

1. Think about drinking in a positive way
2. Feel desire and urge to drink
3. Drink and get reinforcement in brain from dopamine and alcohol
4. Repeat

You will teach yourself to desire it less by following these steps

1. Change the way you think about drinking
2. Feel the urge to drink (as a habit, involuntarily)
3. Allow the urge without responding (learn how as a skill)
4. Repeat until extinction

It works.  It takes time and repetition, but it works.

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