I’m Not Powerless Against Alcohol

Alcohol is nothing without my powerful brain.

All the power is within me.

It’s in my prefrontal cortex, where decisions are made.

When I add alcohol to my brain, I become less powerful.

But still. Not powerless.

It takes many choices to drink enough to become powerless.

I have to order, accept or buy some alcohol.

I have to take my first sip.

And then decide to take another.

I have to decide to have a second drink.

I have to decide to take a third.

Then, I become a bit powerless.

Then, and only then does my brain start to lose its abilities.

When my brain is free from alcohol, I have complete power.

Alcohol is nothing.

It sits there doing nothing.

Completely powerless.

My brain might have the automatic craving or desire response, but it’s my brain conducting that power, not the alcohol.

I still, at all times, get to decide to obey the craving or deny it.

My brain creates the desire; my brain decides what to do with it.

I’m a human with the privilege of decisions.

Even when decisions are hard, I have the power to make them.

Even when the decision is between restlessness and Chardonnay.

I can choose.

Even when a craving appears involuntarily, I get to choose to obey or reject it.

I am powerful.

I can use my brain to manage my brain.

Alcohol is only powerful when I let it be.

Alcohol is nothing without me.

I get to choose to drink or not.

I get to choose how much.

I get to choose when.

My brain is incredibly powerful.

And without my brain…

Alcohol is nothing.