Should I Quit or Moderate My Drinking?

That is completely up to you.

But let me give you my two cents…

If you overdrink, you will want to drink less.

The way I teach you how to do that includes drinking in moderation.

It includes desiring less alcohol.

Many of my students give up drinking when they desire it less; it’s just not worth it to them to keep drinking.

Others plan their drinking and enjoy a few drinks here and there.

Personally, I didn’t like the chatter that went on in my brain around drinking.

I didn’t like spending my brain energy on deciding when, how much, and if I would drink. It eventually became uninteresting to me.

I wanted to use my brain power on something else.

So make that decision when you get there. When you can take it or leave it is when you will make a clean decision on how much to drink.

If it feels like freedom, you are doing it right.

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