Who Is Brooke Castillo?

Some people want to challenge me on my ideas.

They don’t think I should talk about this if I’m not an alcoholic or a Ph.D.

I’m just going to keep talking.

They don’t have to listen.

I’m just someone who wanted to drink less.

I was never going to go to AA.

I was never going to go to rehab.

I didn’t need a therapist.

My life was awesome.

I just felt like crap when I drank too much wine and had a hard time cutting back.

I tried to cut back using all the life coaching tools I knew.

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach.

But my life was great.

I was genuinely happy.

And I really liked wine.

Nobody was able to help me.

So I helped myself, and now I can help you.

I’m not a Ph.D., but I know enough to be effective.

Effective is all you need.

Let me show you how to do this.

Let’s get it done.