0 consults

I think I’m not getting any consults because I recently found out a thought I’m having is “nobody wants to work with me.” So I’ve been working on “there’s at least one person that wants to work with me”.

But then when I think about it I’m like, “I have had 0 consults in 2021. Nobody reaches out to me even for questions.”
So my first thought about that is “I need to meet more people”

C – 0 consults in 2021
T – I need to meet more people
F – pressured
A – find as many networking events as I can, attend them, go in Facebook groups and talk to more people, give value through my comments, engage with more people on Instagram
R – met more people

The problem with me meeting people this way is that I’m meeting more people, yes, but I’m not building connections or relationships. Nobody adds me on Facebook, a lot of the conversations don’t end with real connections. So I’m measuring it by how many people I talk to after I “meet” them. Which is 0. No adds on Facebook, no follows anywhere, no emails, no connection after the first meeting.

I want to meet more people but I’m starting to get confused as to how to make connections with people. Typically I’ve never had this problem before. People have always reached out to me (previous business) and have always come to me for advice/help. I know the value I’m putting out there is good (I receive real-time feedback like “this is the best comment ever” (Facebook post) “wow, I’m going to give that a try” (networking call) “you’re so inspiring, thanks for sharing” (Instagram)

But I’m not converting anything to a consult. I’ve had two consults in one year. One was from a Facebook comment she liked, first consult, she was a no. The second was because she liked my freebie, she thought it was well organized, and liked that I was married and a life coach. Second consult and she was a yes (3 months for $1k) She said she had amazing results and looks forward to working with me in the future.

So I just don’t understand where I’m going wrong here. I know people are making money on a half-managed mind but I can’t even get one person to book a consult with me.