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Hi coaches. I’m currently feeling so terrible, upset and discouraged. This feeling is like an absolute pit in my stomach. I also have hints of anxiety.

Just some backstory: So I spent 3 months and over $6000 preparing for a really big launch. I invested all of my savings into this, and truly believe I gave it my all.

I was able to get 2000 people on my early bird list that will give them access to purchase the course the night before I release it to everyone. When it came to my freebie masterclass, I got countless emails telling me how excited they were and how much they need this course. I really was so excited, and truly believed that this launch was going to go the way I had planned.

I sent out the early bird email today with a secret registration link and no one bought.

To tell you the truth I’m honestly totally scared. My thought is ‘if the people that signed up to my early bird, and went through my sales funnel aren’t buying, how can I expect to sell it to other people on my socials that didn’t even get warmed up in the same way.’ other thoughts like ‘this won’t work’ and ‘you have no control over if people buy’ and ‘no one wants what you have to offer’ keep on coming into my mind.

I know that this is part of the process, but I’m struggling so hard to believe the thoughts such as ‘what I have to offer is valuable’ and ‘those who need my course will buy it’ and ‘you already have over 2000 people who signed up to your early bird which shows that they are interested’ which is what I went into it with.

To be honest with you, I have so much anxiety about this because I feel like I REALLY gave it my all. I did a TON of thought work, coaching and more to get me to even get to this space, and now it just feels like I have no control over my outcome. I’m feeling really silly for believing in my dreams and feel like it was more of a fantasy now. I’m trying so hard not to focus on numbers, but all I see is that no one bought my course and I am going to be closing the cart at the end of this week. I was told that my highest sales would be on this first day to my early bird list which was today and 0 people bought. To say that I’m feeling anxious is an understatement.

Please please help coach me on this. I feel like I’m totally stuck!