1-1 vs. Group Coaching

I’m grappling with something that I just can’t get clarity on:

I’ve been a coach for the past 4 years and really struggling with making a sustainable income as a coach.

I’m all over the place … I’m kind of a hot mess because I NEED MONEY. I offer value like bananas. But getting a sustainable group of clients just seems impossible. I know and believe they are out there, but I can’t reach them in all the years and marketing efforts that I know are making a difference in the lives of my students and audience.

But mama’s gotta pay rent.

I’ve had some success with 1-1 clients.
I’ve had some success with course creation and group coaching.

But both results are mediocre at best. Could it be because I’ve got my foot in both doors and haven’t doubled down on ONE?

My PASSION is truly in doing group coaching and course creation. This is why I got into online business in the first place. I love podcasting and doing live videos, and feel so comfortable and in my element in the online space, but I listen to all the advice and I get really tripped up.

If someone were to ask me: What lights you up about your business? It would be – the freedom to create online programs and courses and podcasts to serve many people at the same time. To have time freedom and and not work “dollars for time” as a 1-1 coach.

Over the past 10 years I’ve created LOTS of online content in the form of online courses, podcasting for 5 years and workbooks and audio programs.

I’m starting my LCS certification this month and I’m so excited! I know this is the answer I’ve been looking for in my business, and I know it will help me to be even more amazing and confident as a group coach.

My goals with LCS:
* Become a certified coach to focus on continuing to grow my group program.
* Gain mastery over my coaching expertise by getting lots of practice 1-1 so I can better understand my group clients

So here’s my question – Brooke’s advice is to double-down on 1-1 clients and max out your schedule so there is a big demand for your group program, but if this is not where my heart is, why not focus on doing this with my group programs since I feel the more in alignment with this?

Over the past several years, I’ve created multiple courses and love the online class platform, doing live and zoom videos. It’s really where I feel most in my element and the most comfortable but because of this advice I feel in limbo and feel like if I continue with my group and put all my eggs in that basket, Brooke would suggest this is a mistake right now and that I should put this on the back burner.

What to do? Please help.