1 to 1 coaching in health niche

I know Brooke says coaches should to start with a 1:1 coaching as the first offer. I am a coach in the health/weight loss space and I’ve always been told that due to the health and fitness market, it’s more profitable to scale with group programs/memberships/etc. because the industry standard (as far as payment for apps, gym memberships, fitness programs, etc.) is so low. I also know this is just a thought…. there are high end gyms, trainers, heck even peloton is very popular and is not “cheap”.

C: offer 1:1 coaching until making 100k/yr
T: People are used to paying less in health/fitness coaching, therefore I will need many clients to get to 100k
F: overwhelm, second guessing myself
A: none- talking myself in circles re: my offer- should I do group for less money or higher priced 1:1?
R: none

considering new thoughts: there are people who would pay a premium to stop emotional eating and start losing weight. 1:1 coaching allows me to give my clients amazing results, which they are happy to pay for.

Is it recommended that coaches in niches other than life coaching also make the first 100k with a 1:1 offer?