10 year business plan for acting career

I’m watching the Entrepreneurship Course in the Vault, and trying to apply the 10-year plan to my acting career.

I’m realizing I have a belief that I can’t make back my investment as an actor. I’m constantly throwing money after my dreams: for training, for headshots, to build my reel, to meet casting directors… but I feel like I’m being told someday, maybe, I’ll win the lotto and get paid to be an actor. So obviously that whole mindset has to shift.

To that end, I’m trying to use the formula to write out my 10-year business plan, but it feels like so much is out of my control.
Would it make sense to say —
.. in years 1-3, I get cast in small roles (1 scene) in 3 TV shows and 2 films.
.. in years 4-5, I get cast in multi-episode roles in 5 TV shows and supporting roles in 3 films
.. in years 6-8, I get cast as the lead in an indie film and the sidekick role in a TV show
.. in years 8-10, I get cast as the lead in a TV show that runs for 7 years and pays me beaucoup bucks.

I’m not sure how the money part works. I need to do more research on payment for small roles vs. leading roles and salaries for film & TV.

Right now, it seems years 1-3 would be break-even years or run at a loss.

Which I know Brooke recommends only doing for year 1.

Am I missing something?