2.1.18 indecision help

Hi Brooke,

I have a good job and make six figures, but have a strong desire to do something more meaningful and fulfilling to me. my commute is currently very long and I typically get home at around 7:45pm

What I want
– something that I’m passionate about (Eating Disorder coach)
– evolve, grow, learn
– to earn a living doing something more sustainable long term (start part time while I keep my current job them transition to new career in 2-3 years into my retirement years
– flexible hours

My obstacles
– current job is safer, comfortable/familiar, steady income with benefits
– fear of not finding enough clients and earning enough income
– cost of training
– my husband does not want me to leave my current job because of my steady salary and benefits, and that we are saving as much as we can for retirement (I just turned 54). He says these are mypeak earning years.

I found a training program that specializes in the type of coaching that I’m interested but have not yet registered out of fear. In doing many models on this, I feel excited (but scared) when I do my intentional ones and disappointed (but a bit relieved) when I do my unintentional ones.

I’m struggling to make a decision and am driving myself crazy on this state. I am not typically a risk taking type of person however deep inside me I know I can do this if I want! Why not? I just won’t give up no matter what. Then the fear sets in.