2 different avatars

I’ve been working on my niche and I currently have it narrowed down to two different personas.

One is the type of woman I already attract thru personal training and the few nutrition coaching clients I’ve had (I am trying to start an online nutrition coaching biz). She is a biz professional (typically 35-45) who struggles with emotional eating. Typically justifying overeating because “she deserves it” for all her hard work.

The second is one that I used to be: someone who used food/drink to have fun and engages in all-or-nothing behavior around both.

I understand that the only way to know if my niche works is to start marketing and find out if anyone is interested. So hear’s my question. Do you recommend making content for both niche’s simultaneously and figuring out which one does better? Or just decide on one, go all in for 6 months or a year, then change if it doesn’t work?