2 Weight loss niches for women: more specific? and Social Media and branding help

Hi, I’m struggling with defining my niche. Part of my confusion is because I started an instagram page a long time ago with pictures of healthy food, showing some of my go-to meals, my progress and showcasing my photography skills. After doing the entrepreneur program with Brooke and have experienced myself emotional eating behavior I was encouraged to help people facing the same things to take action over their lives but, I’m not sure how specific should I be. Here are my 2 niches:

1) Independent, professional women over 30’s from Chicago with busy lifestyles who are struggling with stubborn weight loss problems and emotional eating behavior who don’t know how to start taking control over their bodies and emotional eating behaviors like binging, portion control issues, sugar and processed food addiction (That was me)
2) Women over 30’s from Chicago who work as consultants, travel a lot and don’t have time to think about a diet or weight loss plan (because they are on the go all the time) and want to learn how to have healthy habits while traveling in a practical and easy way (Not me, but I can relate to this because of my job and I know how to solve for this)

I think the 2nd one is more specific and more clear. However, If I pick that one, do I need to rebrand my current instagram and social media pages to attract just that type of women? And then, in the future, can I be broader and include also the option 1?

Also, do I have to change my current brand name to match the specific target market? I like the name I have right now (the Wellnessery) and I already have the logo and graphic design work done for it so, how drastic should I go about this?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.