2018 Goal. $$$ or Career focus?

I had the question come up in thinking about my impossible goal… is my goal to make $120k in 2018 or to Rise up in my career and become the most valuable team member in my small architecture firm. I know that showing up for myself and my boss could translate to improved skills, improved client relations, recognition as a firm and team member, new client prospects… all which could serve me if later when I have my own architecture license I want to have my own firm or branch off in the profession. If I focus on the 120k I feel the need to look outside the profession (amazon biz, write book, who knows) and dilute my attention to my career. 30 yrs. old , work from home, hourly, made ~50k year although thats working far below capacity (more like 30 hrs/week) due to procrastination. Tips?