Working on the December assignment. My Impossible Goal is to do 1 million in revenue in 2020 with a profit margin of 30% or more as evidenced by my QB files.

But I’m stumbling at the moment on getting clear on the 25 Epic Fails.

The homework book says that this list is “NOT an activity list” “it’s a results list”

So in that case – I would say one of my Fails would be to “enroll 50 students into my one program that launches in April”. But that doesn’t actually say/explain what I would do to actually meet that goal. For example: Do 2 webinars. Be a guest on 10 podcasts.

Another Epic Fail I wrote was to grow my list with 1,000 qualified leads in Q1. But that also doesn’t say HOW I would do that?

So are the Epic fails more the actions to take? Or the results? So for example: Do 1 list building challenge per month. Be a guest on 10 podcasts. Be a guest blogger for 10 people with my target market as their audience.

It feels as if this should much simpler, but between the homework notes and the answers I’ve read in all the Q+As about the 25 fails – I feel like I’m getting contradictory answers.

Which has now resulted in 2 days of models being about “not knowing where to begin” or “confusion”. Thanks so much for clarifying.