25 Fails – update

Much of my 25 fails for the past 2 months haven’t been fails at all (ha! that’s the point, right?!). Many of them involved asking strangers, colleagues, industry professionals and potential clients to meet with me one on one. Some of these meetings have been really great, people have sent me potential referrals, etc. This past weekend I completed another “fail” – presenting a marketing workshop at a large conference.

My “fails” have kept me busy and for the most part energized. Some have resulted into potential clients asking for pricing and proposals (which I’ve sent and followed up on). None have resulted in new clients. It feels like like I’m trying to lose weight and on protocol and haven’t lost a pound in 2 months! Ha!

My mind (and wallet) is wanting to make MONEY… now… So, I can’t tell if it’s a good idea or a scarcity mindset, but… I’ve been thinking this lately: I could probably put together a small in-person workshop to teach a specific marketing technique (1/2 day workshop targeted to my niche) and make a “quick 1k.” If I do this, it’s not a planned fail, not a planned anything… but could be a good way to earn money and ask some potential clients to pay a smaller fee for a group workshop versus asking them to pay a large fee as a retainer client.

My question is… do I keep on track with my original planned fails for this quarter or should I add in this workshop and see if that helps move the needle on potential clients.. and my wallet?