25 Results for my Impossible Goal

I am a principal consultant at a small consulting firm. My impossible goal is to close $600K in business in 2022, which is double the $300K I closed in 2021. The $300K was just two contracts, so our business works differently than a coaching business — $600K is likely 4-6 contracts total. I can easily come up with 25 actions for this quarter (send outreach emails to a bunch of my contacts, post XX times on LinkedIN, etc.), but I’m struggling with results. So far, I have these:
Host a webinar on summer learning with 20 attendees
Get $350K in contracts
Have conversations with 25 prospective clients or connectors
Get a contract with R
Get a contract with UW
Get a meeting with Michelle
Get a meeting with Kristen
Get a meeting with outdoor education #1`
Get a meeting with outdoor education #2
Get a meeting with outdoor education #3
50 interactions on LinkedIn

Are conversations with prospective clients actions or results? I can take the action of asking for a meeting but I guess the result is they say yes or no — so I could break those out individually and get to 25? I am pushing through the confusion but I want to think about this from really driving toward the part that feels impossible (the result, some of which will be failures) vs the actions (which could stay small and safe). Any advice?