25 ways to offer my program

Hi there. I will have earned 5K by end of July to be able to decide about hiring a business coach.
I will have made this possible by selling my coaching program twice (it’s priced at 2.5K)

My coach asked me to come up with a list of 25 active and visible things I can do to offer my program.

In descending order of assumed impact:
1) Reconnect with former clients and offer them my coaching program
2) Ask friends who currently work in the industry for referrals
3) Attend designers’ meet-up in my city and talk about how I coach designers
4) Attend design conference in another city, tell new contacts about what I do
5) Get invited to a relevant podcast to talk about coaching designers
6) Publish guest post that leads back to me and my program
7) Reconnect to former fellow students who studied design and still work in the industry
8) Connect with people who target designers, offer them value for their clients
9) Find people who also target designers and talk about combined offer
10) Show value of coaching program in my June training
11) Offer weekly trainings in July to sell my program
12) Publish daily blog content to show my take on typical challenges designers face
13) Offer X amount of free consults in July to show value of coaching / sell program
14) Invest in ads to drive more traffic to my site
15) Find designers on social networks, connect with them, get in touch (message)
16) Ask designers on social media for their current challenges and offer advice that is connected to my coaching prorgram
17) Publish video about value of my program for former clients
18) Publish video about structure/content of my program
19) Share my own journey and how coaching would have helped me in the past
20) Publish snippets from April May June trainings to show value of coaching
21) Revamp most clicked content to lead visitors to coaching program
22) Revamp social profiles to show the value of coaching for designers
23) Revamp sales page to reflect value for potential clients
24) Set up welcome sequence, share my story, lead recipients to more info on program
25) Introduce single session at lower price point to provide a taste of how coaching works

Two questions here:
I) Would you agree that all of these are “active and visible”? I really want to focus on things that have an impact.
II) I won’t be able to tackle all of them within the next six weeks. How would you go about prioritizing?