2nd follow up on mentor question – sharing a WIN!

I wanted to share a “win.” I sent in the follow up question on asking a much more experienced person in my field to be my mentor and trying to figure out the value I could bring to the relationship. The model you helped me with is below.

Well, 2 days after this exchange, I received this note from a senior person in my organization…
“I would like to know if you’d be up for a zoom call this week to touch base and talk about business. I am curious how you’re doing with all this as a newcomer, and it feels like we might be able to help each other with fresh eyes vs “established” ones!”
I hadn’t even approached her yet. But what I had been doing was being super creative and resourceful about how to add value to clients through the current situation. She either noticed or heard about it.
Thank you!

C: Coach said, “if you look for it, you can find it”
T: There are INFINITE ways to be valuable
F: open
A: brainstorm without censoring, consider it from many angles, keep an open mind, be patient in finding ideas, trust myself to know what I bring to the table
R: create a long list of ways I could be valuable as a mentee